As beneficiaries of Federal and State grants, Action Youth America partners with varied Southern California school districts providing free before and after-school educational services in over 35 schools.

AYA After-school Programs (Free)

As beneficiaries of Federal and State grants, Action Youth America partners with varied Southern California school districts providing free before and after-school educational services in over 35 schools. We currently have approximately 300 staff members serving over 8,000 students every day. Each program is carefully structured after consultation with the school principal, school and district staff as well as participating students and families. Every school's needs are different and all our after-school programs are custom-built to ensure maximal alignment.


Action Youth America programs generally comprise of homework help, academic sessions, a multitude of age-appropriate enrichment and recreation activities, sports, physical activity, nutrition education and character development. We also offer additional enrichment opportunities such as Sports Leagues and Art/Music/Drama productions.

Core Programs (Fee-Based)

Action Youth America offers an increasing number of programs that are not government-sponsored and facilitate service on a fee basis. Many working families want peace of mind that their kids are provided with a structured quality care program that ensures homework completion, age-appropriate enrichment and recreation activities. Our programs and activities are always conducted in a fun, safe and stimulating environment.

Action Youth America Care Programs currently consists of two divisions:


Before School

Programs start as early as requested until school starts. Activities are custom built to school/parent needs and are typically geared towards stimulating creativity and developmental learning. A very affordable service for working families.


After School 

Action Youth America provides numerous enrichment and academic programs covering performing, visual and musical arts, physical education clubs, academic and language learning support and homework assistance are all available options. Students' needs and interests vary so AYA allows maximum flexibility. Programs are always custom-built to school and parent needs assuring optimal student support.

Options That Meet Your Needs

We recognize that every school and every student has their own specific needs. Therefore, we CUSTOM-BUILD content and staffing requirements accordingly. This proves instrumental in maintaining high attendance and strong academic improvements. We work with principals, district administrators, parents and students to identify key areas of need and desired outcomes in order to maximize the program experiences. Once the programs have been created and implemented, we evaluate the academic components through on-going data collection and analysis. We offer six different program areas that can be adjusted accordingly to ensure the best experience possible.


We offer students a sneak peek into the culinary arts by providing students hands-on experience by preparing meals for themselves and fellow classmates.


Our Literacy Program helps students succeed academically, pursue a higher education and build confidence through reading and writing activities linked to other subjects.


Our Performing Arts Program helps students develop character and enhances social skills through an engaging and exciting learning environment. Activities vary from music ensembles to choreography and drama.


We offer students daily recreation and competitive sports clubs are designed to provide students with physical stimulation through many of our popular sports.


We encourage self-discovery and provide academic enrichment through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.).


Students have the opportunity to exercise their imagination, encourage self-expression and experimentation through a variety of media and materials.

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