Volunteer Process 

Who Can Volunteer

Anyone 11th grade and older who wishes to volunteer in the Action Youth America School Programs are able to do so.


Adult Volunteer Process (Out of High School)

Any adults willing to volunteer their time must go through the district’s guidelines for volunteering, with no exceptions. They also must complete the ICES Public School Volunteer form.


Student Volunteer Process

Any student in grades 11th & 12th is able to volunteer with Action Youth America. They must complete an AYA Public School Volunteer form. This process must be approved by the Site Director and Program Coordinator.


Volunteer Rules 

Can A Volunteer Be Left Alone With Children

No, according to CDE guidelines no volunteer should be left alone with a child/group. They must be with a program leader and/or teacher at all times.


Are Volunteers Able to Attend Filed Trips?

Yes, but please be mindful that volunteers are to assist and not take on a group alone during the field trip. We highly recommend you take as many volunteers as you can as safety is our number one concern.​