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We know you have questions about our programs and we are here to help.

Below is a  list of our most commonly asked questions.

  • Why is Action Youth America not offered at my school?
    As of right now, our programs are only currently offered at these locations. We are always trying to expand and offer our programs to as many schools as we can, but ultimately it is up to the school principal, the school district, and the demand from parents to bring our programs to your school.
  • How do I get Action Youth America offered at my School?
    Fill out our Enrollment Form or contact us. Your enrollment form is processed and submitted to your school principal and administration staff. Note that filling out enrollment form does not guarantee that our programs will be offered at your school.
  • How can I be sure that the lessons implemented during the after-school programs are aligned to Common Core Standards?
    ONLY Action Youth America proudly employs a full-time credentialed teacher to develop and implement hands-on, project-based lessons that are fully aligned to the Common Core Standards. Click here to learn more about Common Core Standards.
  • How do I know that the academic intervention opportunity will be effective in helping our school reach its target API score?
    ONLY Action Youth America employs your site's teacher to conduct a comprehensive intervention with custom-built curriculum, which reinforces the critical math and language arts concepts that are most heavily weighted on the CST.
  • How do I know that our English Language Learner (ELL) students will be supported in the after-school programs?
    Action Youth America supports ELLs through daily practice of valuable SDAIE strategies: encourgaging use of thinking maps and realia, and tapping into prior knowledge.
  • What type of monitoring does the after-school programs utilize to ensure students are developing fundamental academic competencies?
    Action Youth America collaborates with district personnel to continually support and evaluate student's automaticity in grade-level appropriate math facts and site words through daily practices and monthly pre and post-testing.
  • How does the after-school programs encourage students to be life-long learners?
    ONLY Action Youth America concentrates on a unique balance of academic support and enjoyable extracurricular activities. At the middle school level, AYA fosters life-long learning through college awarness and scholarship.
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